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Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Billy Charles Journey Continues...

It's been a while since I sat in front of my computer and shared my thoughts with you all. I have been in kind of a rut for the last few months. What has changed for me you may ask? Leading up to my fortieth birthday I was going  through a lot personally ( too young for a mid life crisis? ) including my mother having a stroke ( happy to report she is on the road to recovery thankfully ) . I was also recording a song that I wrote and getting prepared to release it on my birthday ....prior to that,  and during this time ,  I was already feeling a change or a shift in my interests anyway in my  life regarding career overall.
I began to contemplate what is it that will fulfill me and bring me joy? Am I satisfied with what I am doing?
Is talking about  The Real Housewives  weekly and interviewing  Reality Stars really helping anyone?
 Everyone goes through ups and downs ....when you are a creative person you always feel a void if you are not creating and you have to stay busy.
I think I fell more off track after releasing and promoting my song which took up most of my free time and with holding a full time job my website and other things I was doing got pushed to the way side ( interviews etc)  Although in retrospect that may have been intentional.
 It has been a little over a year and I have accomplished a lot in a short period of time that I am proud of and have met many amazing  ( and not so amazing ) people that I otherwise wouldn't have. I am not sure where I am headed in the future and I am still struggling with what it is that I want to do. Using my voice for positive change is one area that really interests me and where my heart lies. How this will manifest remains to be seen as it still is not clear to me. I feel the need to be introspective and do some  soul searching... I will only be active on the blog when I am really moved to share content and will not be posting content just to satisfy a quota or to  " stay relevant " . I hope you will stay with me on my journey as I have enjoyed getting to know many of you and I always love connecting with people and exchanging ideas and opinions. This is all I have been inspired to write at this point and I will reveal my thoughts as they reveal themselves to me. Wishing you all the best Xx Billy Charles @BillyCharlesNY

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Check Out My Latest Interview In The Wave Entertainment Magazine!

You can check out my latest interview that I did for The Wave Entertainment Magazine here! I want to sincerely thank Editor Sean LeBreeze for giving me the opportunity to be heard Xx Billy Charles

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         The Wave Entertainment Magazine

Monday, September 30, 2013

Billy Charles Fame Whore on CDBABY!

Please download my new dance song Fame Whore produced by Waails

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Hubby and I celebrate at The Fame Whore Release Party! 

Thank you everyone!!! My song Fame Whore  produced by Waails has reached the top 25 in Dance/Pop on Amazon!!!! Thank you for all the support... you all rock the way I see it!!!!
 Xx BillyCharles

Saturday, September 7, 2013

My New Song Fame Whore Produced by Waails Is Being Played On Rave Cave Radio!

Fame Whore written by Billy Charles Produced by Waails 

Thank you to Rave Cave Radio for playing and supporting my new song Fame Whore! The song can be heard here!!!

About Music Radio Network from their site:

" Welcome to The Music Radio Network! This site is home to 2 great internet radio stations! The stations that call this site home are The Mixed Hitz Channel and The Rave Cave! All of our stations are commercial free 24/7! Enjoy!
The Mixed Hitz Channel - Is a station that plays a mixture of Alternative, Rock, Indie and Adult Contemporary music. This station is all about VARIETY. The music is hand picked for your enjoyment! Enjoy the variety hits it plays commercial free 24/7!
Rave Cave - Is a station that plays EDM, Trance, Dubstep and House music back to back, it's the perfect dance/club/chill radio station! Enjoy all this commercial free 24 "

They allow artists to submit their music on the site as well!


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Friday, September 6, 2013

Fame Whore Makes Debut At Luxor Pool Party Hosted By Heather Marianna For Vegas Gay Days !

Host Heather Marinna with models at Luxor Pool Party Vegas Gay Days!

Heather Marianna creator of  " Beauty Kitchen" hosted a pool party at The Luxor Hotel and Casino for the second annual Vegas Gay Days today! Heather, in between swim suit changes, worked the crowd like a pro and made sure that a great time was had by all! There were swag bags given out and attendees received all natural spa products by Beauty Kitchen found at , Bombshell Beauty by Sheri Morgan , full sized samples ,  clothing , and Fame Whore CD singles  by Billy Charles! 

                 Steve Erics Gay Days Entertainment Director

Steve Erics is the entertainment director for Gay Days and a long time friend of Heather Marianna and team up couldn't have been anymore successful! 

Heather with our friends Bo and Toby!
Guests with Fame Whore CDs by Billy Charles!

Hey Mr DJ Play my song!

You can listen to my new song " Fame Whore" before the release on 9:18:13
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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Heather Marianna Launches " Lucky Luciano" Pet Care Line in Las Vegas!

Heather Marianna and her " Lucky" rescue dog Luciano!
For as long as I have known Heather Marianna she has had a generous and giving spirit and none more apparent than when it comes to her fur children CoCo, Baron, and Luciano... aka  Louie" . 
Louie was a rescue dog who almost didn't make it ( the rescue center where he lived was going out of business)  ..." lucky" for him Heather came along when she did! When Heather and "Luciano" met it was love at first sight as she knew he would be a perfect fit for her family! Louie is now living in Las Vegas ( originally a California native ) in the lap of luxury where he is pampered and spoiled by his Mom. He may even have more clothes than me! Luciano inspired Heather, already creator of all natural " Beauty Kitchen" spa products,  to invent a luxury holistic  pet line for animals while  also giving  back and helping other animals in need of homes such as Louie! The idea for " Lucky Luciano" was born! Heather worked tirelessly on the formulation for months , even on our Hamptons vacation, and also to pull the event together deciding to donate a portion of the proceeds to The launch was held last week on July 30th and was a major success! The mayor of  Las Vegas, Carolyn Goodman, liked the idea so much she even declared July 30th " Adopt A Rescue Pet Day" which was presented to the founder of Adopt A Rescue Pet Elizabeth Davis-Rubin. Heather helped to bestow the honor ! When Heather puts her mind and heart in to something you can be sure she will accomplish it! 
I am proud of Heather and wish her all the " luck" with her new pet line " Lucky Luciano" and that's the way I see it ! Xx Billy Charles 

Shop Lucky Luciano Pet Products Here : 

The Invite

Photos from The Lucky Luciano Pet Care Launch:

Lucky Luciano is  also available at Paw Prints in Henderson
( and at Lulu’s Doggy Salon and Spaw ( Two things to remember “Don’t Shop Adopt!” and if you shop buy Lucky Luciano’s Pet Products!    

A Special Thank You to the following people and companies who sponsored the event:

Heather and I in The Hamptons hard at work lol ;)

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